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Strategic Global Media.
Solution and Gateway

Global Apps. Branded development, application and a ready implementation system.
Value added. Qualifying programmes into Qcircle Members Consortium.
Portal Plan. Choice of Specialisation and Consortium Registry Plan.
Strategic Development and Integration Gateway Plan.
Be part of our Globalisation Plan for professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Ready Solution Gateway into new opportunities
Ready Easy-to-use system to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.
Ready Infrastructure of marketplaces and people for business development.
Ready Strategic Gateway Plan for a worldwide outreach with Qcircle Global Apps

Know more about Infocomm.SG, E-biz.SG and Professionals SG Plan
Know more about Singland Strategic Global Media.
SGM Development and Education for New Economy Challenges

Going Global. Staying Global. Solution Gateway.
Singland Strategic Global Media provides online support and the relational building process among stakeholders, Clienteles, Business Owners and Service Providers within a unique structured Qcircle Members Consortium.

  Qualifying to Qualified. Virtual to Reality.
Qcircle Global Apps now open for participation


Qcircle Apps
is a unique set of Strategic Global Media System for a quick online brand affiliation and start up. It is a process to align members' products and services into one multi knowledge platform that is ready to meet new economy challenges. The strategy is to reach marketplaces worldwide and create new frontier of services.

The system holds a variety of highly branded specialty knowledge portals and service channels for members to find strategic fit or create niche opportunities for themselves. Know more about Education on Qcircle Global Apps.
Singland Strategic Global Media is an infocomm technology driven resource platform and e-business enabled channel management system.
It provides an immediate business interface between Qualified Client Users and Consortium Registry Members.

Quick start up with international product brands and service portals.
Easily recognised specialty knowledge domains.
Strategic Gateway to worldwide marketplaces.
The catalyst for cross business development.

Qcircle's Global Apps >> Solutions and Gateways into ready marketplaces and communities.
Choice of Infocomm SG, E-biz SG or Professionals SG Plan.
Membership Programmes @ Singland Strategic Global Media
    Join us as a Qualified Client User, Business Owner or Service Provider. Be a Certified Solution Specialist.  

Globalisation Education. The Strategic Gateway Plan
Strategic Integration of members' services and products.
Establishment of new marketplaces and service fontiers
  Globalisation and its Strategic Gateway Plan  
We create the network of places, people and opportunities.
You establish the mission for the journey.
We build the Development Highway.
You explore the world of possibilities and find your own fit for the good.
We provide a unique Strategic Global Media Management System.
You choose a Strategic Gateway Plan for the change.
  Going Places. Any time. Any where.
SGM Plan provides you the gateway into global marketplaces and communities.
SGM Application Modules for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Specialist Service Providers.
Globalisation and new marketplaces :: Strategic Development and Integration Gateway program.
Members' Consortium with Specialty Knowledge Portals :: Internationally recognised Brand of Products and Services.
  Strategic Globalisation Program is structured as a two-stage development process and with an option for members to advance themselves as our Strategic Global Partners.
Going Global Infocomm SG Solution for globalisation.
Infocomm SG Plan is for Members to grow their business and professional services with a global presence. A Solution Gateway Program for market outreach worldwide. Infocomm SG Application Module.
Staying Global E-biz SG Solution for the new economy.
E-biz SG Solution is a SGM Application Module to aid Qualified Members to stay relevant and be connected for new economy challenges. E-biz.SG Application Module.
Infocomm.SG and E-biz.SG are also Membership Route to becoming a Consortium Registry Member. It is structured as a Strategic Development and Integration process and is the Strategic Gateway into worldwide marketplaces.
Global Partnership Professionals SG Partners Plan for the brand advantage.
Professionals SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid Qualified Members to advance themselves to be a Global Partner Specialty, Business or Community Hosts in the country.
    Professionals SG is a SGM Application Module to aid Qualified Members to advance themselves to be a Global Partner as Education, Business or Community Hosts in their home location.
    SGM Application Modules are Qualifying Program to Qcircle Members Consortium
Exclusively for our Qualified Members who are desirous to be affiliated with Singland SGM and Qcircle and to the promotion and advancement of Qcircle's branded products and services wherever they reside.

Consortium Members Registry Plan @ Qcircle
Be a Consortium Registry Member on completion of
BPII Globalisation Program or Strategic Global Media (SGM) Plan
  Upgrade your membership. Be networked worldwide with a Consortium Registry Plan.
For all Qualified and Certified Members, Business Owners, Education, Business and Professional Service Providers.
  Consortium Member Registry

- Business Members Registry
- Ecommerce Members Gallery
- Global Partners Registry

  Becoming a Registry Member. For Who ?

All Qualified and Certified Members at Qcircle
- Qualified Member Professional
- Certified Professional or Education Service Provider (Trainer Mentor)
- Certified Professional, Chartered Professional or Chartered Specialist Professional
- Certified Montessorian Professional and CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator
- Certified SGM Developer or Solution Specialist at Singland Strategic Global Media

  Consortium Registry Plan
  Pre requisites :
- All Qualified or Certified Members
- Completion of a Registry Certification Program and or Qcircle Global Apps Module
  Choice of Knowledge Domain and Specialty Portal
Singland Strategic Global Media provides Solution Gateways for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals into the new era of a knowledge economy.
You are welcome to align your product and service in our Global Consortium for growth with a SGM Plan.
Job and Business Creation. Advancing the career of individuals and performance of businesses. Be part of BPII Organisation. Innovation Public Offer :: The Qcircle Members Consortium... Global Education and Business Development... Change Challengers' Event :: Globalisation Leaders Seminar :: IPO... for Members by Members...
Singland Strategic Global Media, a Division of BPII Organisation
In Australia ; 524 Hay Street. Ground Floor. Chamber Building, Perth. WA 6000
In Singapore : 545 Orchard Road #11-12, Far East S C, Singapore 238882

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