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Strategic Global Media.
Solution and Gateway

Strategic Development and Integration Gateway.
Qualifying programmes into Qcircle Members Consortium.
Choice of Specialisation and Consortium Registry Plan for service.
Strategic Gateway Plan.

Value Proposition

Be Strategic Global Ready
Get Award to be part of Qcircle
to grow your business

Globalisation Plan ::
Singland Strategic Global Media

Unique Features :

Easy application of Strategic Global Media (SGM) into new world of opportunities
Get business leverage with an Affiliation Plan and to expand your service portfolio

Ready infrastructure of marketplaces and people for cross business development
Co brand with a Consortium Registry Plan for a worldwide outreach @ Qcircle

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- A New World Consortium
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- Be Strategic Global Ready
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For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Strategic Global Media Application Programs
Strategic Development and Integration Gateway Plan
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SGM Modules
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Progression Opportunities :
Consortium Members Registry Plan @ Qcircle

Becoming a Cousortium Registry Member.
Co brand for distinguished service.

Singland SGM Modules are accredited for advancement to Qcircle.
Affiliation to Registry Member.

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Registry Plans
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New World Consortium
Partnering for real growth at Qcircle

Good Brand Affiliation. Rich Business Content.
Ready marketplaces.
Choice of a distinctive knowledge domain and specialty portal.

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Ready Marketplaces
The Process >> Self Activation >> Aided Activation
Are you Qualified? Are you Strategic Global Ready ?
Be a part of Qcircle Consortium.
Co-brand and upgrade for service. Be networked worldwide with a Consortium Registry Plan.
Multidisciplinary. Transnational for cooperative learning and doing business.
Co-brand >> Select Knowledge Domain >> Find a Specialty sub domain >> Subscribe to a Registry Plan  
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